How to Unblock SBI ATM Card or Debit Card

[All Methods + Full Guide] How to Unblock SBI Debit Card
If you are looking for ways to deactivate / reactivate your SBI (State Bank of India) ATM / Debit card, then yes in this article we will tell you how you can access your ATM / Debit card. You can open the card. So let’s move on.

Due to closure of ATM/Debit card

There can be many reasons why your ATM/Debit card (for any bank) is unblocked.

• Incorrect code: Sometimes, we enter wrong ATM PIN more than thrice as the bank automatically unblocks the ATM/Debit card.
• Lost ATM/Debit Card: Sometimes we lose our ATM/Debit Card. In such a situation, we have to close our ATM card by calling the bank customer service number.
• Expired ATM / Debit Card: Every ATM / Debit card of each bank has a validity period to use this card. If it expires, it will automatically shut down.
• Low Balance: Each Bank’s ATM/Debit Card levies a certain annual renewal tax/fee and the Bank will discontinue your ATM/Debit Card if you do not have sufficient balance in your Bank Account.
These are the initial conditions under which an ATM/Debit machine can be unblocked, but sometimes it is unblocked due to a technical issue. Also note that it doesn’t matter.
Ununblock SBI ATM/Debit Card
So here we provide you the following information which will enable you to ununblock / reactivate your ATM / Debit Card.
• Unlock via SMS: You can unblock your ATM/Debit card by sending an SMS to the bank using your registered mobile number. To do this you need to send a message to SBI customer care number 567676 or 9223440000 “PIN (Last four digits of your Debit card number) (Last four digits of your bank account number) “”.
• Unblock by phone: If you have any doubt regarding SMS, you can also call SBI customer care number from your registered mobile number and ask them to unblock your ATM/Debit card.
• Online Unblocking Option: If you use SBI Internet Banking, you can unblock your ATM card online using your STI Net Banking account.
• Unblock through SBI Mobile Application: SBI also provides various services in its Mobile Banking Application. If you are a user of SBI mobile application, you can unblock your ATM/Debit card from the application.
• Unblock by SBI Bank Visit: Another way to open your ATM/Debit card is to visit the SBI Bank branch where your account is registered. Here you have to apply and then follow the instructions given by the bank manager.
Note: Please send an SMS to the latest customer care number provided by SBI on its website

Keep one thing in mind that whatever the reason for unblocking your ATM/Debit card, it will get unblocked only after 24 hours.

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