How Can I Check The Balance Of My Metro Card Both Online And Offline

If you are wondering how to check Metro card balance, then this article will help you answer all your queries related to Daily Metro System Smart Card.

If you are a daily user of the Daily Metro system, it would be wise to get a Daily Metro Card. The card, which can be charged both online and offline, will give you a Metro card balance that will be automatically deducted every time you travel.

This will allow you to travel more easily and avoid long queues for tickets during peak hours. If you get one of these Metro cards, here are a few ways you can recharge your card and check its balance.

How to check Metro Card Balance?

There are several ways to check your Metro card balance, and it’s all here.

Add Value Machines

AVM can also be used to check your Metro card balance. These machines are available at all metro stations of Delhi network.

Automatic Token Vending Machine (ATVM)

Devices available at some stations may also allow Metro card users to check their balance.

Leaving the station

When the passenger reaches his destination, he can check his card balance at the time of exiting the station.

User Care Center

The Customer Care Center at the Metro station can help the commuters to understand their Metro Card balance. These centers can also help commuters to exchange their Metro cards for non-workers with a fee based on the physical condition of their card.

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How to check Metro card balance on online?

As simple as this feature, Metro card users will not be able to access the internet to check their Metro card balance. The infrastructure in which the cards are built does not allow access to online balances, but may be allowed through other updates.

How to recharge a Metro Card?

The Metro card can be charged both online and offline. Here are some ways to charge your Metro card offline.

User Care Center

It is available at every metro station and the minimum requirement for your card is Rs. 200. If you wish, you can charge a larger amount in Rs. 100

Token Vending Machine

This facility is available at selected stations and is automated by a single device. Customers can charge with a minimum price of Rs. 100 can be high. 50

Sales center

It is also available at select stations and can provide recharge to customers at the time of (or after) purchase of the card. The minimum recharge value of Rs 200 can be increased from a minimum of Rs 200 to Rs 200 more. 100

Online recharge

Customers can also access the website of Daily Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to charge their cards. After visiting, customers can share their bank card details and bank details to recharge their cards. The additional cost on Value Added Machines (AVMs) installed at all stations should be checked.

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How to get a Metro card?

From Customer Service Center to Metro Station Minimum the card can be obtained by paying Rs. 150. This amount includes a refundable security deposit of Rs. 50 for a physical card that can be withdrawn on return of the card. The maximum Metro card can be recharged Rs 3000

So Guys This is my own method of checking balance. I hope you find our article helpful for you, Please do share and comment your thoughts. Ask your Query in Comment Section.

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